The office argument-stopper mug, righty edition. mug

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Order as many mugs as you need. Make one for the office or one hundred for the big corporate party next week. No matter your quantity your mugs are custom made to fit your specific needs. The more mugs you order the more you save.


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About This Design

You know what you are not supposed to say. You know you are supposed to bite your tongue. You are used to taking a slurpy passive aggressive sip of delicious warm beverage when you need to. Now, your mug can be as passive aggressive as you need it to be! With callow zombie head logo for branding so that you can subtly suggest they visit a Twitter feed where they can learn how to argue better. This version is designed to rest comfortingly in your right hand. If you are a righty, please check out the other version of this mug.

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